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c sightseeing buses for visitors to get there. The buses started its trial operations in August this y▓ear and are free of charge. Passengers can wait for the bus at the bus stops along Beijing Road. The bus departs from downtown and stops at major tourism sites in northwest ▓of Yinchuan, including the wine chateau, Zhenbeipu Film S▓tudio, Suyukou Forest Park and Helan Mountain. The ear▓liest bus departing from downtown is 8 a.m. and the interval between two buses is about an hour. Images on rocks were drawn in various styles with profound connotations. Dating back to

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some 6,000 years,they depict animals, plants, hunt▓ing scenes, wars among tribes, faces and figures. Amon▓g the animal paintings, there are running deer, blue s▓heep, tigers and leopards, duckbills, and flying bi

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